Installing Google Chrome on RHEL5

As you know there is no official build for RHEL of Google Chrome.

Now we are going to install Google Chrome for RHEL5.

First of all download the source package for Google chrome(Chromium) from the following link.

Now get the following rpm and install it.

(Link corrected with the help of santosh below)

#rpm -ivh libXcomposite-0.3-5.1.i386.rpm

Now copy the chrome package to /opt and extract it.

Now just execute the following command to run Google Chrome



Create a custom launcher in desktop pointing to the above mentioned script

Enjoy Browsing.


13 thoughts on “Installing Google Chrome on RHEL5

  1. Hey man,your workaround doesnt work!

    I’ve just tried in RHEL 5.4, 32-bit.

    First of all libXcomposite is already present in my installed.

    I extract the tarball at /opt and execution fails like this:

    # ./chrome-wrapper
    Illegal instruction

  2. Thanks for the workaround, it works for me on rhel 5.4!
    The only error msg I saw when launch chrome-wrapper is the following:

    “Error initializing NSS with a persistent database (sql:/home/john/.pki/nssdb): NSS error code -8174”.
    But it does not prevent running the chrome.

    Any idea how to avoid the error?

    Good blog!

  3. This was a very simple and effective way to get Google Chrome up and running on RHEL5 update 3. Very good information.

    BTW, I received the same error msg as John. The error msg must be an informative because the browser functions well.


  4. Thankyou on an Excellent post.

    Following your instructions Chrome works fine on Oracle Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 5 (RedHat Clone).

    Used libXcomposite from the OS install DVD. Had to install the 32 bit version.

    To get rid of a nag at startup I changed the chrome-wrapper script:

    Thanks again, I’m sure there are many happy Chrome uses on EL Clones because of you post!

  5. I am getting the following errors :-
    [] Check failed: !loaded_locale.empty(). Locale could not be found for
    [] Check failed: !loaded_locale.empty(). Locale could not be found for

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