Installing Google Chrome on Fedora Core 8


Hai friends we are going to install Google chrome(chromium) on fedora core 8. Those who had tried to install would have found various dependency problems. Now with the help of the above link i am going to explain the installation procedure .Chromium requires more recent libraries than already installed, and yum cannot update them due to unresolved dependencies. But you can download and extract the required libraries and make Chromium use them, without interfering with the already installed system libraries.

1. First of all become root using su.and enter password when prompted


.2. First step is to create a folder for working

#mkdir -pm 777 /opt/chrome-linux/libs

3. Now navigate to the folder created

#cd /opt/chrome-linux/libs

4. Now download some rpm’s and install it.


5. Now install the downloaded packages and remove those rpms from the current directory either by deleting or copying it for later use.We here just delete those files

#rpm -Uh *rpm

#rm -f *rpm

6. Now get some more rpm’s


for i in `ls *rpm`; do rpm2cpio $i | cpio -idv; rm $i; done

7. Now move the new libraries to the root of the installation

#cp usr/lib/* $PWD

#cd /opt/chrome-linux/

#mv libs/* $PWD

8. Now create a custom launcher.

cat << EOF > /opt/chrome-linux/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/chrome-linux/libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

9. Recheck the script whether the item in bold displayed above is there or not

10. Now apply execute permission to the script

#chmod 755 /opt/chrome-linux/libs/

11. Download Chromium and extract it.

wget -N

sudo unzip -o -d /opt
sudo chown -R user /opt/chrome-linux

12. Remember the user shown in bold is the username of the local user

13. Now create a custom launcher in dekstop with

name:Google chrome



in terminal just excecute